Meet the Characters from Chasra: The Homecoming

Meet Wosul

My name is Wosul, and I am 129 terms of age. I have been on the Great Council for fifty-nine terms, and when Udor, the past head of the Great Council was sent to the universe, I became the head of the Great Council.

I believe in the destiny of Chasra and in universal peace. However, when Mac arrived, I struggled with the idea of giving up power to an outsider. I have many regrets about my behavior in the last terms of my life.

Meet Ingiry

I am Ingiry, the only female on the Great Council. Like Mac, I am an ancestor of the gods. I am ninety-seven terms of age and have been on the Great Council for thirty-two terms.

I am pleased to be a part of the quest for universal peace, although I have a difficult time accepting change. I believe that holding on to our traditions and practices will ensure that universal peace will last an entire millennium.

However, I fully support our new leader, Mac, as he is the one the gods sent to create our destiny. It is through him that we shall achieve our purpose.

​Meet Pancar

My name is Pancar, and I am seventy-five terms of age. I have been on the Great Council for twenty-four terms.

I am proud to be an ancestor of the gods and in a leadership position. I feared that we would lose to Tral as their force and technology is mighty. I do realize now that the arrival of Mac was a sure sign that Chasra was the planet that would thrive and carry the universe into peace.Meet Kinru

Meet Kinru

I am Kinru, and am fifty-two terms of age. I have served the Great Council for sixteen terms.
I had great concerns about Mac when he arrived. I had never met anyone so passionate and emotional as he is, and I, like Wosul, doubted his claim to power. I have also never learned so much from one person, and believe I am better for knowing Mac.

I acted foolishly, but thanks to the power of forgiveness, I am living proof that a person can change.

​Meet Choto

My name is Choto, and I am a personal assistant to Mac. When we first met, I didn’t think I would survive because of his Earthly ways. It was difficult to help him see the virtues of Chasra and keep his eye on the goal of universal peace.
I never doubted that we would achieve our goal of universal peace, and am proud to be the assistant to and the friend of the man who made it all possible. I believe that Mubor and I are the luckiest assistants in the world because we have grown so much and become people we never thought we could be.

Meet Mubor

I am Mubor, the personal seer to Mac. I am pleased to have served Mac along with Choto in pursuit of our pursuit of universal peace. 
I admit I was frightened of the Earthling when he arrived, but over time, Mac taught me what love, compassion, and true friendship are. I never valued such emotions, but believe that I had the highest honor in being able to attend to someone as great as our leader.

Copyright Joanne Hirase.