Meet the Characters from Earth: The Return

Meet Mackenzie

My name is Mackenzie Banfield, and I am the daughter of Emma Wakely and Rusty Banfield. I never knew my father because Mac Carter murdered him before I was born, and then took off for Chasra. 

Life has been difficult for me because I’ve always had this inner rage. I took it out on my mother, her husband, and my younger sister. They all seemed so normal and they belonged to each other. I was an outsider looking in, and thought I was crazy because my father visited my dreams often.

I resented my father for knowing I would be born evil and still allowing me to live. It took years before I finally began to understand that being the only descendant of evil on Earth was a gift. When I began corresponding with evil entities on other planets, I realized what needed to be done and began formulating a plan. 

When Mac came back to Earth after me, I knew my strength was greater than his. I also knew that even if I couldn’t introduce evil in abundance, it wouldn’t matter. Evil would still prevail because Mac is nothing more than a selfish human.

Meet Andi

My name is Andi Swanson. I was teaching math at a high school in Texas, but when my father became ill with cancer, I returned home to help my mom care for him. I was a little irritated with my sister, Mackenzie, for not stepping up since she’s a nurse. But I figured she didn’t feel any obligation since my father is her stepfather, although he treated her as his own.

I tried to reconcile with Mackenzie when I came home, figuring that we were adults, but she never wanted anything to do with me. She was popular and outgoing, and I was shy with a small circle of friends. She still had that charisma that attracted people to her, and even though I gained confidence, around her I felt awkward.

When Mac showed up at our door, I had this funny feeling that my life was going to change forever. My mother’s dementia seemed to fade and she appeared to be content. Then I learned the truth. The truth about my mom, my sister, and Mac.
Copyright Joanne Hirase.