If you could rule the universe, would you do it?

For the people on Chasra, the answer was simple: to live according to the will of the gods. For Mac Carter, it wasn’t so easy. He was used to having freedom of choice and free agency to do as he pleased. But on Chasra, he was constrained and his individualistic ideals meant nothing.

It took a while for Mac to accept the virtues of Chasra, but once he did, he could see that working for the collective good of all was a much nobler way of life. No one was better than anyone else; everyone had what they needed, nothing more and nothing less; and the inhabitants were focused on thriving and leading a peaceful universe. It saddened Mac that Earth strayed so far from the principles of the gods, but he was grateful that Chasra had embraced them.

The planet Chasra isn’t very large, with just over 27,000 inhabitants. It’s mostly green with bits of yellow, orange, and tan. There is a planetary shield around it to protect it from attacks, although the protection is even more enhanced as no one lives on the surface. Instead, the Chasramians live underground in an artificial world.

The Chasramians are a pure race. In their quest for universal peace and leadership, they have not allowed their bloodlines to be diluted as Earthlings did. Their rules are simple, and rarely does anyone misbehave. 

Is this an idealistic state? Should people be forced to live a certain way, with no ability to choose their career, few (if any) opportunities for advancement, and rare occasions to mingle with others?

Would it be possible for those who didn’t live this kind of life, to succumb to it? Could Earth change enough to become like Chasra, or would there be uprisings and dissidents? Peace, mutual understanding, cooperation, respect for one another, equality. That’s what Chasra stands for. But is it possible for Earth? After all, Chasra is a small planet with one race and may be easier to control.

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Joanne Hirase-Stacey is the author of the Mac Carter Chronicles, a trilogy that includes 2012: The Rising, Chasra: The Homecoming, and Earth: The Return. She is an attorney working as the Director of Risk Management and Compliance for Idaho State University, an adjunct professor, and an author. She lives on a mountain pass in southeastern Idaho with her husband and their four rescue dogs: Maggie the Belgian shepherd, Isamu the Rottweiler, Zebekiah the pit bull, and Bella the boxer. When she’s not working, teaching, or writing, she’s running, quilting, and painting. Joanne is currently writing a paranormal/horror book, trying to find a publisher for a contemporary fiction novel, and has a brain full of ideas that will hopefully come together in a cohesive manner for future stories.
Title: Chasra: The Homecoming
Book 2 of the Mac Carter Chronicles

Author: Joanne Hirase
Publication Date: April 4, 2014
Format: Ebook
Price: $5.99
Size:  96,800 words
ISBN-13: 978-1-61937-714-1
Artist: Kelly Shorten
Editor: Jessica Robinson

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