Earth: 2047

What do you imagine Earth to be like in 2047?

After the war for universal peace, Earth had a difficult time adjusting to the new way of life and universal leadership. It was an enemy of Chasra during the war, and Mac was happy to see it survived and wasn’t eradicated.

Earth in 2012 wasn’t unified, and in the thirty-five years that Mac was gone, little had changed. What he noticed upon his return was that people were more content in his hometown, but there were still problems with disease and drugs. 

After being away and becoming ingrained in the principles of Chasra and the gods, Mac was sure that he left all the Earthly feelings behind. He was, after all, the Chancellor of the Universe, the highest title anyone could attain. He had all the authority and might, and his family was to rule a peaceful universe for a millennium. But he couldn’t resist driving around to see what was the same and what was different in Seattle. He began to lose focus and his power because he still had his humanness.

What was his humanness? The desire for more. He experienced this when he encountered Emma and Andi. He went to excess when bought them gifts and ate dinner with them. He wanted to be near them even though he knew it was dangerous. On Chasra, his life wasn’t so complicated because his life was fixed and ordered. On Earth, his emotions ran wild once again, and he lost control.

Is a peaceful Earth possible? Can you envision a world where we don’t have to worry about crime, corruption, and vice? Such a utopia seems ideal, but it seems unlikely that our planet will ever turn itself around. It feels like it will continue to get worse. The few people who have the ability to make a difference seem apathetic or out for personal gain, and not interested in doing what is best for all. 

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Joanne Hirase-Stacey is the author of the Mac Carter Chronicles, a trilogy that includes 2012: The Rising, Chasra: The Homecoming, and Earth: The Return. She is an attorney working as the Director of Risk Management and Compliance for Idaho State University, an adjunct professor, and an author. She lives on a mountain pass in southeastern Idaho with her husband and their four rescue dogs: Maggie the Belgian shepherd, Isamu the Rottweiler, Zebekiah the pit bull, and Bella the boxer. When she’s not working, teaching, or writing, she’s running, quilting, and painting. Joanne is currently writing a paranormal/horror book, trying to find a publisher for a contemporary fiction novel, and has a brain full of ideas that will hopefully come together in a cohesive manner for future stories.
Title: Earth: The Return
Book 3 of the Mac Carter Chronicles

Author: Joanne Hirase
Publication Date: December 5, 2014
Format: Ebook
Price: $5.99
Size: Word Count: 78,800
ISBN-13: 978-1-61937-715-8
Available at: Amazon

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