Meet the Characters from 2012: The Rising:

Meet Mac Carter

Full name: My full name is Andrew Benjamin Carter.
Nickname: My nickname is Mac. 
Age: 39 and holding.
Favorite food: Alcohol. Well, beer mostly. I guess that’s not really a food though. Let’s just say I’m not picky and eat whatever is put in front of me. There are some foods I’m more fond of than others, but if there is a form of drink to wash it down with, it’s all good.
Favorite color: I haven’t been asked that for years, but I also don’t give it any thought. How about amber?
Favorite number: Whatever the number is for the alcohol content on my drink.
Favorite movie: I rarely make it to the end of movies I watch at home because I pass out before then. Of course, if Emma and I go to the movies, it’s usually something sappy.
Favorite book: I’m not a bookworm, and I don’t read the labels on my beer either.
Favorite song: “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet.
Hobbies: drinking (are we seeing a pattern here?) and running. 
Life goals: Live to see the next day.
Biggest regret: I have no regrets. I live life in the moment, and if I screw up, I admit it and move on.
Advice you’d give others: What I said above.


Meet Rusty Banfield

Full Name: My birth name is Russell James Banfield
Nickname: People call me Rusty, although I have tried to convince people that Rusty is a name more suitable for a young boy or a dog. 
Age: 39 in years, but in other ways I feel compelled to say I am advanced beyond my years.
Favorite food: I rather enjoy a good Italian meal, as long as it is authentic.
Favorite color: I have two: black and white.
Favorite number: This is a completely irrelevant question. But I like to think that I am Number 1.
Favorite movie: Movies are difficult to rank. Almost every modern day movie has errors in it. For example, I was watching a movie last night, which shall remain nameless, and in one pan over, the villain has a glove on, but clearly the movie was done in several takes because the next one shows no glove. Same scene, gloved and gloveless. Inconsistencies such as those will ruin a movie, so instead of taking in the story, I now look for silly oversights. It’s far more entertaining.
Favorite book: I enjoy books that challenge my mind and challenge the mainstream. Just to be clear, non-fiction is what I read.
Favorite song: I generally prefer silence, but if there must be noise, it is classical music.
Hobbies: I read. 
Life goals: To win a large client and make enough money so I don’t have to work and can stay home and read. Maybe I’d write a book as well.
Biggest regret: Oh, where do I begin? My regrets revolve around my family, Mac, Emma, some of the women I have dated. I obviously have more than one, but always wonder where my life would be now if I had made other choices along my journey.
Advice you’d give others: Above all, always be true to yourself.


Meet Emma Wakely

Full name: I’m Emma Justine Wakely.
Nickname: People who know me, call me Em. Well, not everyone, but most everyone. 
Age: 36 already!
Favorite food: I love to cook, and every new recipe that I try that is successful becomes my favorite new food.
Favorite Color: I like bold and bright, kind of like my red hair.
Favorite number: I like the number nine because I had this Asian friend, and he told me that in his culture it means forever. Doesn’t that feel nice?
Favorite movie: I love romantic comedies, and I think my favorite is “The Wedding Singer”, or maybe “27 Dresses”, or maybe “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, or maybe “The Wedding Planner”. You get my drift.
Favorite book: I’m more of a magazine kind of gal. Books don’t really hold my interest, but magazines have pictures, and advice, and gossip, and recipes, and trendy types of things.
Favorite song: I love 80s music!
Hobbies: Cooking, definitely. 
Most important moment in life: When I went to work for Carter-Banfield. I met my two best friends, and am lucky to say I’m absolutely in love with one of them.
Life goals: I can’t believe I’m going to say this out loud, but I want to get married and have children and a dog, and eventually, grandchildren. Mac doesn’t need to know, does he?
Biggest regret: Cheating on Mac. I really can’t talk about it because it’s painful to think about.
Advice you’d give to others: Love with all your heart, soul, mind, and being.


Meet Vareeda Shintuk

Full name: I was born Vareeda Shintuk
Nickname: I have no nickname 
Age: In human time I am 35 years old.
Favorite food: Anything with curry in it.
Favorite color: Purple.
Favorite number: I have two: twelve and twenty-one.
Favorite movie: I do not watch movies.
Favorite book: There is a complete library of books that I would deem to be my favorite.
Favorite song: “Going Home”
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, but everything I do has a purpose. I suppose I do not really have a hobby.
Most important moment in life: Meeting Mac Carter.
Life goals: Return home safely and be of service there.
Biggest regret: My regret is something that I did not do or cause. It is wholly out of my control, and I must live with it. One day, you will understand.
Advice you’d give to others: Do what is in the best interest of all, not only yourself.

Copyright Joanne Hirase.