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The Hopi nation is from the southwest United States. They have a belief that the Fourth World will end soon and the Fifth World will start. There are several signs:

1.White men coming who took land that didn’t belong to them and struck with thunder
2.Spinning wheels full of voices
3.Strange beasts with long horns in large numbers
4.Land crossed with snakes of iron
5.Land crisscrossed by a giant spider web
6.Land crisscrossed with rivers of stone making pictures in the sun
7.Sea turns black and creatures dying
8.Youth with long hair join tribal nations
9.Dwelling place in the heavens above the earth that will fall with a great crash

Other signs of the great destruction that is coming: the world will shake, and white man will battle those from other nations who had the first light of wisdom. Columns of smoke and fire will cause disease and dying. The waters will rise, and the sun will become even hotter.

The theme is that the Earth will go through destruction then enter an age of purification and renewal. The Fifth World is a safe Earth, with people working together in mutual respect for the good of the planet.

Copyright Joanne Hirase.