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Time Wave Zero/I Ching

Timewave zero is a mathematical formula that can calculate an increase in the universe’s connectedness. Terence McKenna calls this “novelty," and expressed it in a computer program. Timewave zero is based on McKenna’s interpretation of the I Ching. He used the I Ching to associate current events to past events. There comes a point where change is so rapid that the only thing that exists is change.

McKenna believes that at the end of time there will be an increase in the novelty until it reaches “a singularity of infinite complexity." At the end of time, “anything and everything imaginable will occur simultaneously.”
His original end of date time was November 16, 2012, but he changed it to December 2012 to match the other end of time theories.

The naysayers believe this is one man’s delusion because McKenna was a well-known user of psychedelic mushrooms and dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, which is another psychedelic drug. Also, people say that he is wrong about his use of the I Ching, as it makes no predictions. Instead, anyone who uses the I Ching will make predictions.

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