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The web bot is an Internet software program created in 1997 by Cliff High and George Ure. These automated bots search the Internet for keywords to find patterns for stock predictions. However, the creators started noticing that it will predict other occurrences, including catastrophic events within sixty to ninety days.

For example, it predicted the attacks of 9-11, the space shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003, the blackout in the northeast in 2003, the earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004, Hurricane Katrina of 2005.

The biggest web bot prediction: There will be an untimely demise for millions by 2012, brought upon by some combination of pandemics, economic collapse, breakdown of health care, and unknown energies from space.”
The web bots predictions end after December 21, 2012, until May 2013.

Some critics say it was a scam that was created to manipulate the stock market. Others say it can only predict events based on the data in the computer. If the data is flawed, the outcome is flawed. 

On the same note, it can predict human caused events because it can grab data about events from the Internet, but it cannot predict natural disasters. The web bot incorrectly predicted a massive earthquake in the Pacific Northwest in 2008, a global coastal event in 2009, a collapse of the US dollar in 2009, Israel bombing Iran.

The naysayers also say that the predictions are vague, so you can give any meaning to them that you want, much like the predictions of Nostradamus.

Copyright Joanne Hirase.