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Local author’s science fiction novel, 2012: The Rising, debuts just ahead of predicted apocalypse

Malad City, Idaho, Dec. 7, 2012 — Musa Publishing is set to release Idaho author Joanne Hirase-Stacey’s first novel, 2012: The Rising, just seven days before what some believe will be the end of the world, based on indications of the Mayan calendar.

Although NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) says there is no basis for the fear, survival groups around the world have begun to prepare just in case, boosting the sale of emergency shelters and other equipment.

Joanne Hirase explores theories surrounding the December 21st prediction in her science fiction novel involving a cynical earthling, Mac Carter, and the otherworldly Vareeda Shintuk. Several ancient civilizations have predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012, but Mac doesn’t believe it will happen. He believes he’ll wake up on December 22nd and the world will be the same. When he meets the mysterious Vareeda, his beliefs are questioned. He struggles to resist her message about the great threat to humanity and his power to alter the fate of the universe, but her words are powerful and mesmerizing. As he puts together the horrifying truth, he discovers he is the key to a future for mankind.
Mac finds himself tangled in a chaotic double life of lies, deceit, and evil. He struggles to do the right thing, but will he succeed?

Can one man stop the apocalypse?

Joanne Hirase-Stacey, corporate in-house counsel for Hoku Corporation and adjunct professor at Idaho State University, is experienced in contract law and insurance law. Her novel, 2012: The Rising, is her first book. She has additional manuscripts in development.

2012: The Rising will be available December 14th from Musa Publishing ( Learn more about Joanne, her novel, and several 2012 apocalypse theories at

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